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Headspace Studio is at the forefront of immersive audio for virtual reality. The Studio has established an industry-leading creative profile, technical expertise and an end-to-end process pipeline for 3D positional audio production, post-production and delivery.

With locations in Montreal and Los Angeles, Headspace Studio provides all virtual reality producers, developers, and filmmakers with on-set and post-production audio solutions of the highest technical, execution, and creative standards.

Headspace Studio has worked with important partners on projects such as the Daytime Emmy® Award-winning Cirque du Soleil’s Inside the Box of Kurios, Jurassic World: Apatosaurus, the Primetime Emmy® Award-winning The People's House: Inside the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama, Space Explorers, a VR series made in collaboration with NASA and SpaceX, as well as Isle of Dogs: Behind the Scenes directed by Wes Anderson to be released early 2018.

Co-founded in 2015 by Felix & Paul Studios, a recognized creative & technology leader in narrative cinematic VR, and immersive audio pioneer Jean-Pascal Beaudoin, Headspace Studio expanded in 2018 with the addition of a Los Angeles studio, led by Viktor Phoenix (Partner and Head of Sound, LA).



356 rue Le Moyne, Suite 100, Montréal Qc H2Y 1Y3, Canada
209 Hollister Ave, Santa Monica CA 90405, USA
MTL +1 514-746-8461
LA +1 213-537-6863